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Gear Review

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Sizing not so great

Disclaimer: This'll be the first return out of a couple dozen items I've ordered through backcountry; thank god for their excellent return policy.

I bought the shirt after having read reviews and figuring out I was a Large (6'0, 200lbs) . I was excited to get it, and tried it on instantly as soon as I opened the package. It looked and felt good, but realized only once I had it on that the fit was not as athletic as reviews described, or as pictures made it look. I realized the fit was Regular before purchasing it, but I was hopeful after all the reviews. I found it to be a little loose, and the sleeves a bit long. I can describe it as being a bit Square, and not fitted through the waist. I was sad, because I really liked the shirt's looks. From what I hear, the Medium might be too tight across the chest, so I may not risk it again.

Overall good shirt, but if you're into a more athletic fit, this is not it.