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I'm going to try my best to help people with Sizing as i had a lot of trouble figuring out what to order, and noone locally has these yet.

My measurements. Left Foot = 12.5,
Right Foot = 12
Street shoes = 11 - 11.5 - Patagonia, Puma, Allen Edmunds, etc.
12 - Nike
Climbing Shoes:
La Sportiva = Katana Lace (43.5)
TC Pro (44.5)
Speedster (43.5)
Miura (43-43.5)

5.10 = Rock Wrench (12)
Rougue (11.5 - 12)

Evolve = Shaman (11.5 - 12)

I sized the Boostics in a 44.5. They are visually about a half inch shorter than my Katana Lace, but fit with about the same comfort. I could size these down another half size without issue after break in.

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Awesome. Thank you for this helpful information. I am the exact same size foot, and also have Katana Laces in 43.5. Do you have any experience with the Scarpa Instinct VS; I really like the VS, but stil have significant pain after a few months and serious stretching in a size 44. For the Boostics if I want a shoe that edges well and perfroms well for bouldering indoors, but also is comfortable enough to wear for at least 30 minutes to an hour would you suggest the 44 or 44.5?