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Size Caution

This is my 5th pair of North Face Trail Running shoes. I have yet to find a better pair of running shoes, but I did have one issue with this last pair. I bought was the 103 model, in which I ordered a size 8. I have recently moved to Korea, as I am in the military, and so I thought how great that North Face sends overseas! So I searched online and decided to upgraded to the XCR model with the cool laces and ordered the same size that I always have worn in North Face shoes - 8. When I got the shoes they were a little tight; I thought they only needed to be broken in. 3 weeks and about 15 miles later I realize that I simply need a larger size. I don't know why the sizes don't correlate across the board of North Face shoes, but beware of buying these without trying them on - they size you think you are may not be the shoe that fits. I am disappointed to have to order another pair of shoes in a half size bigger.