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Gear Review

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Sits too high on head

Maybe I have a funny shaped head or something, but this cap did not work for me. I wore it on a couple of runs and it didn't stay on my head very well, especially if a breeze came up and caught it just right. If I tightened it too much, then it just squeezed my head and still had the same problems. The problem, for me, was that the main part of the hat wasn't "deep" enough, making it sit too high on my head. I couldn't get it to sit low enough on my head to feel like it would stay without having to cinch it up real tight. Also, the brim seemed ridiculously wide and flat.

However, I liked how it was lightweight and breathable. But it just didn't work for me so I sent it back. is amazing in their return policy and so easy to work with. I'll definitely be buying more gear from backcountry, but just not this particular cap.