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Gear Review

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Simply the best poles

Bought these to replace my old Leki Makalu, which was a model with a cork handle.
The three areas in which I was looking for improvement were:
1) Lighter weight, while still remaining very strong.
2) Increased thermal isolation for the handle (useful in winter)
3) Better grip: more comfortable in the hand, especially when holding just the tip of the handle in the palm of my hand (useful on descent), and the ability to still have a good grip without changing the length of the pole itself.

The engineers at Leki delivered successfully on on all of the above with these new Leki Carbonlite XL ! They even included a camera attachment for the pole.

The only drawback:there is no model with spring-like shock absorption. For winter however, this is definitely not necessary.

Conclusion: If you want THE VERY BEST lightweight poles, you have found them. No need to look further.