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Gear Review

5 5


The ease of use and lack of features is what sold me on this beacon. On/Off and Send/Receive. How much more simpler can you get?

I almost bought the Ortovox S1 since its supposed to be the best, winning all the comparisons and tests, but I was very put off by how confusing it is. I picked it up for the first time and spent several minutes trying to figure out how to turn it on and switch functions. Not intuitive at all. Second, I found the interface confusing during a search and I worried about the screen being hard to see in certain conditions. I had similar impressions of the Pieps and others with LCD screens.

The Tracker has a very intuitive display, well lit, and easy to follow. I would let a partner borrow it and trust they could use it without being familiar. To me, the simplicity and intuitiveness outweighs any lack of multi-burial functions and a shorter range than some other options.