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Simple, straight forward

I absolutely love the F1. I've been using it for 2 years now and I don't expect to go digital anytime soon. This beacon, with a little practice, will give you a faster search time than almost anything else. I consistently have faster search times than my friends with digital/analog combos(perhaps with the exception of the M2)and especially faster than pure digital. This beacon is logical and simple to use, even with 2 burials. It lacks the lag time of the digitals as well, which means when your on your skis doing your initial search, you don't have to stop and wait for your beacon the catch up. There are few quirks about this beacon and no "special" tricks or techniques to master. To sum it up, its the simplest and most proven reliable beacon on the market.

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this helped me figure out what I need. I don't know much about beacons. My son is out in Utah @ school and skiing w/o one. Digitals of any kind seem to have lag time and that helped me decide which one to buy for him.. thanks