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Gear Review

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Simple, functional

Bought this on SAC for next to nothing, and didn't intend to use it for winter sports, although I might try it during my next ski trip. What I have used it for is outdoor activities like cycling and boating, and I find it very useful. It sits comfortably on your shoulders/back, it has both a sternum strap and a waist strap (although it's small enough that the lower strap isn't of much use), and it has a handy bottle pass through on the lower right side, great for grabbing a bottle without taking the bag off. Of course, this can interfere with items placed in the bag (or they can fall into the void left by removing the bottle), so it's a mixed blessing. One word of warning - the colors are a little out there - pastel blue and yellow on black, Just make sure that's ok with you and you'll be happy.