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Simple and near perfect

I installed Thule tracks on my naked roof Subaru and then installed the Tracker II feet on the TK1 kits. Check with Thule to find out what kit you need for your rack. They are sold separately and that adds about thirty bucks to the cost. The Tracker II feet are a real no-brainer to install. Simply drop them onto the TK bases and you're done. To move the feet back and forth in the tracks, you need to remove the feet and use a supplied hex tool to slide the TK bases in the tracks. Get it? The real beauty of this system is the one button installation/removal. Once the foot adapters are installed in the tracks simply push the lock button (unlocked, of course) and lift the entire rack off your car. Unlocked, I can install or remove my rack with whatever accessories are attached, in less than 20 seconds. One caveat--the feet have a bit of wiggle in them if there's no load, but are rock solid when load is applied. All in all, a very nice design and worth the money. If you change cars, you can use it on most other rigs with a track system, but will probably have to buy a different TK base. Always check Thule's fit guide and you'll be fine.