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Gear Review

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Simple, Honest, Quick

An essential piece of gear for backcountry travel, a beacon is only as effective as the person using it. with knowledge of how the beacon works and how to do a effective search this beacon is all you need. i found it very intuative to use allowing you to be quick and to the point.a decent range and may not have the bells and whistles of its digital counterparts but because of its simpler function is easier to use. whilst novices with digital beacons will be fumbling with different symbols,arrows and other messages the f1 cuts to the chase allowing very quick search times.all beacons take practice before you can become consitantly quick but the f1 is straight forward to use.this beacon may not be the most advanced but it is sufficent for anyone who wants to be in the a price not to be sniffed at dont assume that bigger is better!