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Gear Review

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Sierra Designs Revival, new packs from the "Tent Guys"

Very Impressed. Like at least one former reviewer, I've been the owner of a number of Osprey packs over the years. While I've always been a fan of Sierra Designs tents, I think this is the first pack offering I've ever seen from them. When any company tries something new like this, it is seldom done right the first time. I must say, though, this is the exception to the rule. This pack truly does what many others claim to: ventilate while supporting heavy loads comfortably.

I admit the first time I tried this pack on, I wasn't sure about it. Do yourself a favor, though. Reserve judgment until you have the pack weighted. When empty, it had a rigid feeling, and I immediately noticed the ventilation gaps in the lumbar and scapula pads. After weighting the pack and walking for a while, however, the "new" or "different" feeling of the pack was gone, and I could begin to feel those gaps doing their job.

Keep up the good work, SD! I hope to see you get the street cred in the pack market that you deserve, and I look forward to some more great pack designs in 2012.