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Gear Review

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Sicko ski couldnt say enough about

I had the chance to demo this ski from my shop, apon getting to the mountain i begain rethinking my decision. It turned out to be a cold calky groomer day. Let me rephrase that, It wasnt a bad day to be skiing just not the ideal conditions for a ski with a waist with of 115, but it turned out to be the best decision all week. As always I took a few conservative runs to get the ski dials and on the second or third run just opend it up and was BLOWN away by the competency this ski has on hard pack. I was railing GS comprable to a ski of a 100mm waist and had no speed limit, not to mention that this ski gave so much back i just set you up for your next transition it was a dream! There was a dump the week before and there was some snow off piste to be had but it was pretty variable, most of it was crust and dust making it pretty easy to sink the tails and bog down after breaking the surface. I got a little further off piste were potrol had blown a controled avalanche almost a week prier so there were pretty good chunks of ice and tunes of corn but this ski just blew trough it. I was all smiles all day in fact i was was on another demo today the volkl bridge in similiar conditions and every turn was dreaming of the influence. I look forward to taking it out on a good pow day.