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Sick pack but wish it had more.

This thing is sweet. The material feels durable and it looks sexy. Skateboard/snowboard carry has great velcro unlike some of the other packs I've used. I like the magnetic top/lunchbox. It's way better than the flap over that just sits there some other packs have.The product name says black but it's actually brown like the picture shows. A few things I wish they would have changed/included... 1) More zipped pockets. On the entire pack, there are a lot of pockets, but only 3 of them actually zip (1 being on the magnetic lunchbox part). So if you're in for a bumpy ride, things might fall out of place. 2) Two individual waist straps that buckle in the middle. It has a one strap waist strap that, when unclipped, hangs down on one side and looks weird so I ended up just removing it when I'm not riding.

Overall, it's a sick pack and it's worth the money.

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Not bad at all. It has a lot of pockets and a secret stash that holds a cover for the bag in which the description doesnt mention. I also ripped off all the patches and now it looks official.