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Gear Review

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Sick looking, and performing, binding!

The Malavita is built for those dedicated souls murdering handrails in the rain, scraping ice shavings all summer, and selling off possessions to get their next fix.

Like skeletor on steroids, this no-bullshit binding features an indestructible baseplate, that has a lifetime warranty, with FullBED EVA and B3 Gel cushioning along with a burly, tombstone hi-back.

The Asym Superstrap can be flipped, letting you choose between increased support or mobility. When push comes to shove, the Malavita punishes whatever’s in its way.

The feats of Strength color is sick! Blue is super-poppy! ...and when in doubt, bet black, it has a really cool matte look to it!

The baseplate on this binding is slightly softer than the cartel as its only a 11% compared to a 30% nylon composite.

Also, re-ground materials are used in the base plate and hi-back for you eco-conscience souls... Helps to reduce waste!

My favorite feaure in this bidning is the air padded hi-back that takes out the calf-bite... If you ride all day, you know what I'm talking about. ENJOY!