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Sick Shades!

I just got these glasses and I absolutely love them. I purchased them online so I was a bit concerned about how they would look on me since I couldn't try them on first. They look great and I couldn't be happier! They remind me of a hybrid between the Fives-Squared and the Gascan. As with any Oakley sunglasses, they are extremely light-weight, yet durable and the optical clarity of the lenses is incredible. They feel really comfortable on your face due to the light weight and wrap-around design. Very edgy styling without being too far out, which makes them great for every day wear. An advantage to these over the Gascans, Fives, and many of the other plastic-framed models is the rubber on the ear-stems, which makes them grip to your face really well. I think these could become my new favorite sunglasses. I would highly reccomend buying a pair of these to anyone.