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Gear Review

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Sick Precision

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This board is sick. I've ridden CustomX and BaronES boards in the past, then took a break for a couple years and tried a rocker stick. I really missed what camber did for me on the steep runs so this year I came back to camber and love it.

I took the CustomX out to Jackson Hole for a few days and forgot how precise this board is. When you are burning down a steep run, through a mogul field, or doing sidecountry I was reminded how the CustomX takes you wherever you tell it. I never had a moment where you initiate a turn, realize the board won't be coming around exactly as planned, and had to redirect to a slide or lower angle turn instead...everything I did, even when my legs were getting tired, the board just responded.

I'm sure some of that is coming onto a factory fresh board from my old rocker toy that's been beat on for a couple years, but I loved it! When you have to carve on the steeps the board is there for you. No washing out. you have the control needed to swing this around and get yourself out of trouble or into a nice stretch of powder!

I was also impressed that even since I purchased the wide variant, the edge to edge response is very quick.

You can't go wrong with the stainless steel edges either that don't rust up while your board is drying out for the night.

The edges and base took a beating from early season rocks, but everything seemed to hold up well with no core shots or edge dings so the construction seems possibly stronger than prior years or else I'm managing rock hits better. I still wish it had the 45:10 edge to give it a little more beef.

Sick Precision