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Sick Board, not what I was expecting though...

I originally repped the 2008 Limited Edition Evil Twin Smiley, but dogfunk's oldest model is the 2010, so I figure I'd just put the review right here.

So the board is amazing. The TBT was VERY NOTICEABLE and had a markedly substantial difference in the level of control. This stick can ride. All over the mountain for sure. And in all conditions too. Sketchy ice patches were no problem.

Now the ONE PROBLEM I had, was that they market this board as a rail killing, jib stomping board, and it is. I just wasn't satisfied with the level of flex that I thought this board would have had, being a board that is apparently concentrated on "[shining] in the park". I love me some nose and tail presses, but with this deck it was pretty hard to keep a steady press for more than about three to four seconds on a rail.

OTHER THAN THAT, this board rode great. Super poppy and snappy, and didn't leave me hanging with the ollies.

If you're like me (5"6' 135lbs) and you're looking for a park smashing board, I suggest you size your model down. I had a 151, and really should have gotten a 149 (and I'm thinking that even a 149 for me could have been too big)
But if you're looking for an all-mountain slayer that can handle itself in the park OR in the back, this is DEFINITELY the board for you.

Sick Board, not what I was expecting though...
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your board is definitely too long, and set up directionally..