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Sick Bindings

I hooked these up on my gnu chb mtx. They are extremely responsive. I rode them in 16 inches of powder and on groomers, on both of which i had total control. The ability to change from toes to heels was almost instant. They are just really really responsive. The question of "are they durable?" Yes. I dont know how that guy broke his because I slammed the terrain park and pretty much did all i could to break them and they are still holdin strong. Very well priced too. My two favorite things about these bindings are how easy they are to get in an out of and the toe strap. Ratcheting is cake. Its really cool as well, when you ratchet in, the strap comes up across your foot but is hidden behind a piece of material so that it doesnt get in your way. To get out you pop them off like its nothin. Like i said i also like the toe strap. I forget how it is made, but when it comes over your toe it stretches real nice and holds you in nice and tight. it doesnt squeeze your toe either like some other bindings ive had. All in all i recommend these things, i have ridden lots of stuff and these are by far my favorites. look sick too haha