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Shouldn't have redesigned...

could be a good binding if ride can stop being so concerned with what burton is doing and worry about their own product. the micro-disk is NOT compatible with 4x4 inserts, only 4x2. not sure who is making boards with 4x4 still but be aware if you current deck has 4x4 inserts. make sure to get some thread lock too because all the screws that keep the binding together get loose when riding due to the chatter. there are much better bindings on the market (union, flux, forum even salomon have better designs).

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I miss the old delta, and alphas. this new line up is cheap and does not have the feel that the previous generations had.

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I've had my Ride RX bindings for 2007 and still kick ass 5 years later, but you are right. I could find way better bindings then the rodeos for a much cheaper price.