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Gear Review

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Shoulda stuck with the usual

I bought these because I was trying to "save weight" and also because I got a killer deal, but ultimately I should have stuck with the usual full base skin (save weight? My skis are 120 under ft, I don' think it matters at that point...stupid choice). On low angle terrain, with decent snow depth these skins did great, but once I got onto steeper slopes i definitely had to edge in uphill to keep enough skin on the track keep from sliding backwards. There is a caveat to this of course...if you buy these skins, it's for fat skis, so hopefully you are using those skis for what they were engineered for...DEEP SNOW. The same goes for this skin. These are not your ski mountaineering skins that will get you super fast to the top of any peak.

These skins are fat, heavy, and designed to save even the smallest possible weight from you fat skis, burly bindings and tired legs. Also, I've only used them twice, but even after one ski I found that if I didn't put them in the bag, they were almost worthless on the 2nd lap. Still working out the kinks I guess.

Bottom Line: Use them in Deep snow. Use them on all but the steepest terrain. Unless you are OCD about it, expect them to get iced up and worthless by round 2 or 3.

I've had great experiences with skins from "Climbing Skins Direct." He used to be the designer for BD and moved on to better things. I really like their setup. Less expensive, easy to use, and they just work damn well.