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Gear Review

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Sharp points when packed and slight bending

Bought this stove b/c i do more than boiling water and wanted a larger burner surface to avoid burning the noodles in the center of the pot. But, like others have experienced, the burner assembly bent about 10-15 degrees when it was boiling 8 cups of water. I haven't tried to bend it back b/c i'm almost always cooking on an uneven surface so i just compensate as I'm leveling with sticks and rocks. This fault would be annoying if I were cooking on a flat surface like a picnic table often.

Also, the stove doesn't compact well and the pot holders only pivot on the center screw so they line up with each other, leaving two nasty points which are sharp and exposed. Since i keep the stove in my pot, I've never had puncture problems, but it sure doesn't pack into the pot well; I have to fidget with it and worry about the points taking off the teflon lining. This being said, it has provided the needed reliability of other canister stoves as I've cooked with it on pretty cold nights down below 10F in the snow. At this price, however, there are probably other better canister stove designs.