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Shades are great, cust service? ehh

I absolutely love my dash XR's(discontinued), I've lost 2 pairs already and am on my third pair. My only issue is with Native's customer service....I was attempting to purchase replacement frames as I still had the lens pack from old shades I had lost. When they told me they couldn't do that, but they could give me the pro athlete price 'just this once' since I have onwed so many pairs, I was ecstatic, a pair of natives for $60, perfect! Well, until they kep ttelling me they were in the mail and it was all lies, when I called them out on lying to me they just said, "oh we had the wrong CC number, we'll get them out to you right away"....more lies, I never got them, that was 6 months ago. I am a sucker though, the shades fit my face so perfect I got another pair.