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Seriously though

The rest of the reviews on this pack are funny to me. No, it's not a hydration pack, nor does it claim to be. And I cant seem to find any claims of it having a waterbottle pocket either. So if you're new to Dog funk, my suggestion to you (and all of you who already own this pack, and apperantly didn;'t read these upon purchase...) READ THE TECH SPECS... not super labor intensive there ya bunch of rocket scientists.

Now, onto my review.
Got this backpack on Whiskey Militia for $24 +shipping in Neon Blocks.

Love this pack. Why? Because it's versatile. Already done some intense study seshs with this pack (thank you padded laptop sleeve), and I've also taken it on a couple of back country hikes. It's great for snowboard carry and easy to ride with, and if you're not a kook, and you care about the environment at all, there are plenty of spaces to hook a water bottle with a carabiner on.

Lifetime warranty, check.
Read the Tech Specs, check.
Attend classes and stare at Whiskey militia all lecture, check.
Hike in Mammoth Mountain's backcountry, check.

This isn't a serious pack, and if thats what you're looking for, I suggest you take some backcountry classes before buying this pack and then b!tching about the non-existent bladder pouch... duh.

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