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Seems sturdy

My last table exploded in a wind storm (different brand) so I wanted something sturdy. Note the 75 - 225lb weight limit on this one! Set up is easy, the legs fold out and you attach one small crossbar and then the table top. Since the height is adjustable, that also makes it very easy to adjust each leg separately to level the table so you don't have to search for flat ground. The only small "con" I can see so far is that the legs are sometimes a little "sticky" and hard to adjust, but I am thinking I could put a little grease in there to solve that problem pretty easy, so I'm not too worried. This table is a little smaller than my last one, so it fits better in my car for transport, but it still has plenty of room for a two-burner stove and some dishes.

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thanks, I needed to know if it would hold my two burner stove and cutting board!