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Gear Review

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Saved My Life

This is the best purchase I have ever made with mountain biking!

I took a crash a couple weeks ago and it didn't turn out good.

The morning started out great. A lot of climbing and few stops. But the lake was worth the ride up!! It was beautiful and not all that cold, so I went for a dip and started down.

We started on the ride down. Extremely technical!!! There were lots of 3-4 ft rock drops and big, big rock gardens! Everything was going great. Lots of air, speed, and tons of thinking!!!

But then all hell broke loose. I took a drop and over shot it without correct balance. When I landed I went over the handlebars and ate dirt. After hitting the ground, I started to tumbling down the trail towards a boulder. Without loosing any speed, I slammed my pelvic into the boulder around 20 mph. With the impact being at the bottom half of my body, I flipped headfirst over the boulder and down a 15 ft cliff. I hit the ground hard.

After waiting for 3 hours for the helicopter and rescue crew, they hauled me down 3 miles of rocky terrain in a cart without shocks. It hurt like hell! After reaching the helicopter, the flew me to the Bozeman, MT Hospital. I was released 9 hours later and went home on crutches and heavy pain pills!

Over all my gear, the visor was the only thing to break on the helmet!

Saved My Life