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Gear Review

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Save a face, buy a trap

At first glance you would not expect this to be such an issue, however I took this with me on a five day expedition throughout the Yucatan Peninsula and it simply rocked! While there does exist other "tube keepers" out there, this one allows for swift "on demand" on or off. It allowed me to quickly secure my tube with one hand while I had to: steer my mountain bike, hold on to my "zip-line" harness or maintain my stance on the face with my other hand. The ability to secure my tube one-handed, with such ease and speed makes this trap worth its weight in gold.
It proved durable while wet, dry and even hot (after being left in direct sunlight on the beach for over 8hrs). If you are running, cycling, kayaking, boarding, sailing or anything that involves movement....for your face's sake buy a trap. Don't do it for me, backcountry or it for your face.
Mine thanks me every time I use it. Great product.