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Salomon 4D GTX Boot Review

As you would expect, outdoor gear has evolved and benefited from technology over the years. At least that’s what I believed with all things EXCEPT hiking boots. I surrendered to the idea that boots were just one of those pieces of gear that required constant attention and modifications to avoid painful feet.

Without naming names, my last 4 pairs of boots were nothing short of medieval torture devices. For decades I thought my feet were cursed to suffer on any backpacking trip over 5 miles. But for the first time in literally decades I can enthusiastically say that my backpacking dreams have been answered with the Salomon 4D GTX boots.

I hiked 20+ miles during a recent 3 day weekend warrior excursion up to Yosemite. We ventured up to Ten Lakes and the surrounding basin. The hike in, really put these boots to the test since I had an overloaded backpack that would make any seasoned Sherpa very proud. Lets just say, I like to eat and drink very well in the backcountry on shorter trips so the pack gets heavier than I care to admit.

The bottom line is that these boots got better and better with each passing mile. Like a good baseball glove, these boots were better after the trip than before it started. I’ve been a huge fan of Salomon shoes for many years but never tried their hiking boots. I was hoping (actually praying) that the boots would fit my feet as well as the shoes. I can honestly say that I will never own another pair of shoes OR boots other than Salomon.

The 4D GTX Boots kept my feet fresh, strong and pain free during the entire trip. The boots provided great support throughout the entire boot including the foot beds. Traction was excellent in varied conditions and the laterally support was very confidence inspiring. The waterproofing provided great protection against the elements without suffocating my feet and creating hot spots. These boots were very versatile. They were light enough to trail blaze with a Camelbak but can still handle any pack you dare to carry.

Thank you VERY much Salomon