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Jesus Christ of Lazarus. Stay away. I was replacing an earlier generation Catlike Whisper Plus, thinking, 50% off? Sounds like an awesome deal! Well there's a reason it's 50% off and that's because this helmet blows. My other Catlike was the first helmet to actually fit my head correctly... Not Giro, not Lazer, Bell was decidedly mediocre at best. But the Whisper Plus was a Godsend in medium. Unfortunately, the Vacuum is not. The decal is whack and looks "angry" except it looks like the kind of crap Jackson Pollack produced when he was 6 and before he was Jackson Pollack. The visor is also whack. And it's noticeable that your helmet has a visor even when the visor is removed. Yeah, meta on meta on meta. But not in the "what the hell that's awesome" more like, "what the hell that's Toad's head on my head" because until this point I forgot to mention that unlike the sleek Whisper Plus, this one bows out on the sides of your head and everytime you get on your bike you feel like you're heading into Bowser's castle to steal Peach back. Mind you I do work in a City Hall that looks like it was built in the 1950s so there may a bit of a false positive through the form of personal bias. Anyways, this helmet sucks, the straps suck, it's stupid wide, and doesn't even fit the same as the Whisper Plus - the medium was mad snug. So stay smug and keep the real steez up, 1.