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I have used this pad for 7 years, replacing a military issue sleeping pad (boy did I get flack for using an orange sleeping pad). It was the best item available for the job, and has been used with no sleeping bag, with a ranger roll, with a full military sleeping system, on cots, in the jungles of Thailand and the Philipines, the desert (Mojave, Iraq), mountains of California, Smokey Mountains, and in a snow cave. I think I used it for a year before realizing that there was a hole in it, and it still kept me warm when sleeping on the ground (just not as comfortable). This pad is excellent and has been updated into a more robust package with camouflage pattern and tougher material. Hopefully this will become standard issue, since we have to sleep on the ground, a good nights sleep on a comfy pad sure does make a difference. While I am purchasing a new sleeping pad, this one will continue to go everywhere I go (new one may get handed off to children or wife if it's not as good as this thermarest pad).