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SRAM chains - consistently good

Always happy with SRAM chains. Glad Backcountry had a 9-speed in stock. I've always struggled though with how to disconnect the Powerlink on a chain though - usually resorted to using a chain tool the old fashioned way. Found out this week my problem - I was trying to use the pliers one the link along the line of the chain - what someone showed me is the importance of using the pliers diagonally across the link, so you push opposite corners. Easier with long nose pliers - hard to describe in words, but hopefully this makes sense...

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This too was my experience. I also learned that these chains are not meant to be put back together with a chain tool. Not saying it can't work, but when I tried, the chain snapped about 6 feet from the car. I fixed it only to break again several miles back in the woods. Got a new chain and learned how to use the powerlink- no issues since.