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Gear Review

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SOL Republic is fantastic!

Okay, so when I was looking at head phones I had no idea about this brand "SOL Republic". There were not to many reviews on them; however, I did my homework and looked on the companies site to see what they had to offer or compare against the bigger brands such as Beats&Skull Candy. Quite honestly I love the smaller brands that not to many have, I just don't like wearing or using the same stuff that everyone else around me has. So I automatically shot Beats out of the picture. Also the reviews on them aren't to hot.

Onto the buds them self. I love these things, they have a sleek style and the cord is really nice and they can not get tangled what ever you do with them. The fit of the headphone is slightly bulky, depending the size of your ear. I haven't really experemented with the different bud tips to find the perfect fit, but the ones on there when first opened are slightly big. But the sound in these are fantastic. I let my friend use them, who is a sound expert. He said he is going to get a couple pair of these.

I had a pair of beats tours and so far I love my SOL Republics a lot more. Everything is better on the SOL's!