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SO awesome /)^3^(\!

These pants are SO awesome and keep you warm!! I bought them in the silver and it looks like brushed metal, VERY nice look. They are extremely comfortable and have the TDS padding where you need it, but doesn't make you excessively warm. The venting in the pants works very well and cools you off very fast when it needs to. I wasn't originally planning to spend this much on pants, but you really get what you pay for with them. They are a bit baggy on me (and I am 6'2"), but I love this look (personal preference). One of the key features that sold me on these pants are the pockets - I absolutely love pants that have both velcro and zipper pockets because I carry a lot in my pants and don't want to lose anything. At no point in the day did I feel any part of me getting cold or wet around the pants besides the time I left the vent open. Volcom got it right and is definitely going up in my books.