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Gear Review

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Rugged cam, Beautiful image

I bought this camera to film helicopter assaults in Afghanistan and keep my hands free for the gun. Saying I am happy with the product is an understatement. The 1080p image is beautiful, very clear and crisp. I was nervous about the durability when it first showed up, my job has a tendency to ruin electronics. More than one camera in my unit has already been destroyed by dust from a landing. Not the case here, the outer glass has stood up to blasting from our rotor system. Trying to get a cool shot, in a moment of genus, I mounted it in the stream of spent shells from my machine gun rather than above it as I meant to. After firing off 200 rounds - aka 200 direct hits to the cam- the camera head was pretty beat up, the outer lens was cracked and parts pulverized to a powder. I was about to write it off as a loss but decided to plug it in and see what damage was done. Even in 1080p I can't see any distortion in the recorded image.

Some guys have cheaper cams that also shoot in "1080p". There is a very noticeable difference between their footage and what I get from the VIO. Not just in image clarity while still, but the VIO really has nearly eliminated distortion based on vibration. The only time I have seen image distortion is when the cam gets mounted on my machine gun's optics rail, and even then its not that bad.

It will suck through batteries, I got some rechargeables and that fixed the problem