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Gear Review

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Rubber sweat socks

These shoes are awesome. Don't let my title deceive you. They were my first pair of climbing shoes and I loved them when I had them. They taught me a good lesson about what different types of climbing shoes are for and why they are designed the way they are. When I bought them I did not realize what their purpose was. I knew them to be climbing shoes and thought they were perform fantastically in any area of climbing. I was mistaken. These shoes provide superb comfort, (like socks do) but they are not meant for everything. For example these perform terribly when bouldering. There are many better shoes for that type of climbing. These shoes excel in outdoor trad climbs. The comfort factor allows for them to be worn all day long and not feel the need to yank them off in pain like most other climbing shoes can. The rubber is quite sticky and lasts forever. The leather design means that they stretch quite a lot so be sure that you buy them small. I believe that I bought them 2 sizes smaller than my street shoe size. I can't say that I would by them again because I am not a fan of lace ups and now love my Five Ten Mocasymms, but if you know what you're buying and understand their purpose then these are phenomenal shoes and you'll love them!

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