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Rock on!

Overall my absolute favorite on area ski of the demo. I never ski anything this long and was more than happy I got on these at the demo. They skied way shorter than I imagined (they took about as much work as something in the mid 170s) but delivered so much more. The faster you went on these things they better they did. They suffered nearly no deflection, busted crud, floated, took airs, turned really quickly, were fast edge to edge, and I?m sure if I would have asked, they?d have made me a sandwich as well! I really don?t have much of anything negative to say about the ski. My sole complaint may be what it is with nearly every ski I get on, that it?s too heavy. Having said that, it?s a super minor complaint and really one that is negated by the fact that I already said it?s a favorite on area ski, I wouldn?t tour on this, ever.

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Hey Arthur, don't forget that the on-snow demos mean you are using demo (therefore Heavy) bindings. Drop your own bindings on this ski and you might end up with a 6 out of 5 star rating. Def one of the best skis of the year!

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No doubt Elias. I popped on a pair for this season and am mounting them with the Guardians. Really excited for these as my on area/sidecountry rig. I can't bear to give up my touring setup of TLTs, Radical Speeds, Stokes, and Speed skins which come in at 7kg all in whereas you are looking at 4560g for these skis alone.

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I'm currently deciding between the 178 and the 188 and would really appreciate some input. Im 5,9 and 150 pounds light, been on telemarks for a long time but switched over last year. I will be doing some short resort touring with them but mainly (hopefully) staying to powder runs close to the lifts. Will be skiing canada and europe with various conditions. My main concern is the weight and strain the longer version will give me but unsure if the shorter version will float enough. I have been skiing for about 25 years but will consider myself a pretty intermediate to slightly advanced skier. Dont really go that hard.
Ive also been pondering the automatics but think the rocker 2s will perform better in chopped up conditions but please correct me if im wrong. Many thanks!