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Gear Review

5 5

Ridiculously awesome!

Exp. level - Beginner to Intermediate

I bought an inexpensive Mammut harness off steepandcheap to start out and that thing pinched my legs and my 'boys' somethin' fierce when hanging (or holding a hanging climber on belay), no matter what adustments I made to it.

I am absolutely hooked on climbing, so I looked at buying a better harness. I researched like crazy and this is the one I ended up going with. When I shop, I sort by reviews, not price - this thing came highly recommended and with good reason. After 4 months of use twice a week at the gym... here's what I have:

Favorite things about this:

- Comfy! I forget that I am wearing it most days and end up walking out of the gym with it on
- No leg pinch - long hangs or belays, does not bind or pinch
- Good room for your meat and two veg
- Quick... slip on and go, no adjusting this that and the other
- DURABLE - this thing is indestructable


- Nothing so far... its a beast!

**One piece of advice, if you have tree trunks for legs, buy a different harness. This is made for people with average to smaller/skinnier legs. If your thighs are like Captain America, probably wanna go with something that adjusts to give you more room.**