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Gear Review

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Ride the Lightning (mongoose)

I got to ride the Zero this past summer out at Hood. I rode it for about a week with the new Auto-Evers on it. Not only is this one of the lightest boards I have ever ridden, it is also one of the liveliest. It felt like I was riding an angry mongoose chasing a snake down the hill, and I mean that in a good way. Like if you had some sort of spirit-power over the mongoose. It has insane pop and won't buckle no matter how much pressure you put on it. The Harshmellow on the board paired with the Auto-evers made for a crazy cushiony feel. The top sheet almost feels like fabric which helped keep the bindings from slipping. Check out Tim Eddy's part in These Days to see the Zero in snake chasing action.

*Although I recommend this board highly, I do kind of agree with the review Calling "BS" on the eco marketing thing.