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Revo won't stand behind their products

I purchased a pair of Revo Undercuts from Backcountry in October 2010. I have owned Revo's since 1988. I did not need them right away and put them away in a drawer. Recently I pulled them out to use them and discovered a crack in the left lens that was not there when I received them. I took them to a optical shop and was told that that type of crack was due to the frame being overtight. I had the original receipt and was told by Revo to return for warranty service. I was just called by Revo that they don't carry any replacement parts for these glasses and my only option is for them to issue a credit for what I paid and pay the difference at their full retail price for the model that has superceded the Undercut. Some warranty, huh? To top it off they were rude and not helpful. I guess I am done with Revo, and wanted to warn anyone thinking of purchasing their product.