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Review posted for customer named Luke

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Hello everybody - This is a review from Luke, not my own. He was having some troubles with the site so I volunteered to help.

"My opinion is bit different from previous users :)For me there is no compromising when it comes to cold environment, it must work as it should be or it's useless.Air pad is one of the most important equipments, if it's a high quality product it will help have a good rest and regeneration, if it sucks during sleep time it will suck the next day.If you want to use it in extreme environment, don't waste your money and buy something else ( therm-a rest )My review is based on my usage during snow and ice.As for me that air pad has more cons than goods.1. You must pump that air pad very well(pump is really slow as hell) and that doesn't help to solve problems. When I was sleeping on Mount Washington with temperature 0'F and other places with similar temperature I have to admit, I felt cold kicking my ass all night while sleeping on my back (Seriously, there is more weight on that part of your body so more pressure push it closer to ground(snow, ice).2. I'm 5.10 and regular pad seems a bit too short and could be 2 or 3 inches wider.3. When you sleep on site your hip is so close to ground(snow) so you can be in position like that just few minutes otherwise you feel so much cold.4. Another nights in Hunter few degrees below 32 and air pad pass the warm to ground. Proof check my pictures comparing to other air pads in same environment with person with same weigh as me.Why my opinion is so negative? For this kind of money I expected much more than I got"

Review posted for customer named Luke