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Just received the xlander military edition as an early Christmas gift. The service from Backcountry was great and I primarily purchased from them because in researching this watch found out that they will take returns without any issue. Loved the watch as soon as I pulled it out of the box. Has a large instruction manual but the button use is rather intuitive and I really like the way the controls are set up. A few notes to pass along: for such a big honkin watch this thing is incredibly lightweight; I thought the numbers were illuminated all the time but not so - the numbers are yellow/green and reflect almost any ambient light but does not show up in the dark, however the backlight is more than adequate when used; probably the most comfortable watch I've ever put on my wrist; once on, it will definitely stay on, the bandkeeper is somewhat of a nuisance when trying to remove but while wearing the watch, the extra part of the band will not move around on you; the band is very comfortable and stylish and functional but rather thin as I was expecting it to be a bit thicker. Overall, I LOVE THIS WATCH!! It's everything I thought and more and I hope to get many many years of use.