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i just saw this at REI and think i might have to exchange my BD quickdraw carbon fiber 230 for this voile. the voile seems to fold up quite a bit smaller and more compact. plus it's a little bit longer, and i'm not sure that i could actually feel the difference between 1.9 oz. weight difference.

the handle on this doesn't seem quite as good as the BD handle, but if you can replace it easily enough if it wears out, then it's all good.

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i ended up getting this probe and returning my black diamond quickdraw 230. this voile sets up every bit as quick as the quickdraw. and it folds up and fits much nicer in my pack. the diameter is significantly smaller on this than on the BD quickdraw as well — which might make it slightly more flimsy, but i think it will also make it more efficient in actual probing instances.

i also noticed on voile's site that they have this same probe in an even lighter (8oz) model. it happens to be about $5 cheaper too.