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This rope is a piece of junk. The sheath fuzzed up the first few times out, and now it picks up dirt and is a pain to belay with.
I've owned a lot of ropes over the years and this is the worst constructed rope I've ever owned. My friends Petzl rope is doing the same exact thing...
Search on the web, there's a lot of other people having problems with the Petzl Zefurrr...

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I'll second this review - the sheath wears out really quickly. Especially compared to my current rope, a Mammut Supersafe 10.2

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Can you give some details as to what you were climbing and why it may have fuzzed? All the other reviews seem to say otherwise, that after good use there's no wear. How does the product's lifetime warranty cover this?

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Petzl ropes tend to have a sheath that is weaved looser than most ropes. While this results in a rope with superior handling to ropes with a tighter weaved sheath, this also results in the sheath "fuzzing" sooner and the propensity to pick up small rock and dirt particles. Thus if you plan to use this rope when climbing low angle rock, multipitching, apline climbing, or top roping in areas where the rope drags against the rock...Don't, it wont last. Get yourself something with a tighter weaved sheath. But if you plan on climbing high angle, single-pitch routes, these ropes handles beautifully.