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I thought this would be the pack for me after reading several positive reviews. When it arrived I tried it on, packed it with all the stuff I normally take for a day of touring, but soon realized it was not working for me, this was before we even made it out the door in the morning. So I repacked my old favorite worn-out Millet Vector 22. The Kode was perhaps too small(compartmentalized) and just too many bells and whistles/compartments/zippers. Also quite heavy for a small pack. I don't need the hydration feature and did not realize this pack was designed as such. I knew I would probably never use it so ended up having to return it and will continue shopping. I am looking for simple, easy access, durable yet somewhat light.

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Maybe try sizing up to Kode 30....if you want more room.

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Mary . . . did you ever find the pack you wanted ( the suspense is killing me) . . . I am seeking both a summit pack that I can stash in my backpack and a ski carry pack––all in one!

Everything, including the Kode seems to be too bulky to fit in a pack and then if not bulky, not really rigged for carrying skis.