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  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I returned this product before using it

I ordered this rope based on older reviews. I live in an area devoid of climbing stores. Ordering a rope from BC is the only way I can really take a look at a climbing product. I removed the rope from the plastic bag to take a look, but did not remove the zip tie packaging in the hope that BC could still sell it as new if I did noy like it. This rope is made by a different rope company than the old Monster. The old monster I believe was made by Mamut in Switzerland. The new rope located, I think, in the Czech Republic. I Googled the new company before I ordered the Monster, and they appear to be a good and established rope company. I wanted to like this rope. However, I was not impressed with the finish of the rope, especially the rope ends. I know that this rope is fused to the core for the last foot or so, and perhaps this was why the rope ends did not look very finished to me. The rope ends looked like someone cut the rope with a serated knife and finished/burned them with a Bic lighter. The finished cut was some what frayed as some of the core cords were still loose. This may not be good indicator of the quality of this rope, but then again it may. Sometimes the devil is in the details. The finished quality of this rope in no way compares to my Petzl Xion. I returned the rope because compared to my Xion I just did not feel confident about it. I gave it 2 stars because of the rope's UIAA ratings. Some may think this is unfair, but in a sport where your first impression can be your last, I think that people should know.