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Gear Review

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I have had the .78L size for a long time now and it is a spectacular little pot. Rock solid, closes like an ammo can and just works--good size for two people. Nice long sturdy handle makes it just as easy to use over a fire as a stove. Costs half and weighs twice as much as titanium options.

But everyone please stop complaining about the weight of these. First of all, it weighs well under a pound. Second, if you're a real woodsman/woman, then you won't be needing much more than this pot and the food you can fit inside it (safe from critters). And you'll be able to help out that "minimalist" who's mini rocket burned a hole through their 3 oz titanium foil pot. Maybe they'll even be grateful enough to invite you to lounge on their sil-nylon inflatable camp couch and watch a movie on their solar powered smart pad.