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Gear Review

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Reliable Tiny Easy To Use

After pedaling 75 miles with forty pounds of gear in the heat, I am exhausted and starving. I am cranky and in a rush to eat, drink and rest before the sun sets. There is no time to negotiate quirky and complicated stoves. All I want is a flame for my pot to have a warm meal as ASAP. This very light, very small and very reliable little stove gets it done every time. Maybe not the most ideal stove to take with you on a trip to Mt. Everest but it definitely does the job on a 7 day self supported bike tour on the backroads while staying in campgrounds. The stove, small cup size pot and small fuel cannister combo is also great for a day hike while hunting great vistas to enjoy a "spot of tea" as my brit hiking pal would say. The cannisters were even relatively easy to find while traveling through western Europe. No mess, no fuss, hot food, very little weight, compact. If I wear this one out, I will buy another.