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Regular Underwear Are Dead to Me

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Bought 3 pairs of these at a recent sale that a local outdoor store in town had going on, and since I have had the chance to use them, I decided a review was in order.
Simply put, if I had more money, I would just go ahead and get rid of all my regular boxers and replace them with these. Typically, I avoid briefs; however, I am planning a thru-hike of the PCT early/mid-2013 and once seeing these, I did something I never normally do - impulse buy. However, thankfully my intuition was up to par that day, because on the days that I have vetted them thus far, they literally feel like I'm not wearing any underwear which is fantastic. Not only are they light, but they are also pretty sharp looking (as far as underwear go, in my opinion) and they do exactly as promised. I have not yet had to wear them for days at a time, but on the 2+ day trials that I've put them through up to this point, they have been a spectacular purchase and I would recommend them to anyone looking for good base undergarments in the crotchel region. I look forward to having these with me on my imminent through-hike.

*Note* Each pair of these underwear are listed on ExOfficio's site as weighing 2.5oz for those of you who are concerned about the weight aspect.