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Reflections on the new T1

I've spent over 15 years in a Scarpa T1 and have had every version since they first came out. The forward lean IS aggressive and requires considerable strength to just stand in a lift line. That being said the forward lean is super effective while skiing and one just has to be aware of this. Doesn't make the first 10 days any easier while I go through the "no pain no gain phase". The new liners are crap. Too thin to provide cushioning, too cold and they are breaking down in the heel quickly. Scarpa's best liner was the lace-up IMHO. The way the boot fits the liner is causing me to have to make sure the liner is seating around the shell properly every time I buckle up...pain in the @#$. The new buckles are worse than those in the past. The ankle buckles plastic alignment pieces fell off after the first three days. The shop warned me these were non-functional and they are. So, as a long time T1 customer I think change is not always good, but these boots still ski as well as any, if not better, than all the others out there. Fix the liner, fix the buckles and fix the overlap of the shell in the liner and I'll be back. Otherwise, I'll consider for the first time, looking at other brands.

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To get out of the aggressive lean in ski mode is easy. Flip the easy switch to walk mode when in line or not taking turns. This boot has a nice wide range of flex in walk mode.

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The forward lean is too aggressive to find the sweet spot. It is ok if all you're doing is moderate sloped groomers. If you're skiing extreme steeps it sucks. It also sucks for pow days when you want to ski a bit further back. This boot is a dramatic departure from previous models. The only solution is to drill an extra hole.