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This is a totally different ski then what I have had in the past. The dimensions are close to the same as the Obsethed, but less tip/tail rocker and slight twin tip. The main goal was to get a ski more in tune as a daily driver for the ever changing conditions we as skiers experience in the Mountain environment, since my past promodels have been more Powder specific. Yes its wide, but hard snow performance is much better than previous versions without sacrificing powder performance. Stiffer tail is also noticeable. Chamonix inspired graphics since this is where I tested the ski during the filming of The Ordinary Skier. Mounting is more traditional and I have found that +1 forward of the recommended mounting point is as far as I can go without tip dive in powder. Forget about skiing switch with these. Much different feel, on hard pack not so much tip and or tail flap. I ride the 188 weigh 155lbs and am 5'10". Tip and tail holes are for pre cut skins and if you get a K2 shovel there is a kit inside the shaft that has bolts with wing nuts that utilizes the shovel shafts to help build a sled out of the skis with some cord (that you need to get on your own)to help get an injured person out of the backcountry. The skis don't come with pre cut skins.

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Hey Seth! Any concern about sizes in comparison with your previous skis? Does the new Sideseth ski "shorter" or we should go smaller to get similar maneuverability?
Thank You!!!

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I am looking at either getting a pair of 188 Sideseth's or 190 Moment Bibby Pro's how do you think these compare with the Bibby Pro?

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I feel this ski skis more traditional. The lack of tail rocker and twin doesn't allow for much sliding out of a turn that one can do with a more rocker ski. So maybe this would cause you to downsize.

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Still rocking 179 2007 Seths. Haven't found anything better. Personally when I tried out the Obsethed's in particular and other newer models, it being wider under the foot made me feel really uncomfortable on the steeps, like i was hanging on a knife edge. Seths to me are a through and through power ski, you go through the snow not float on top of it. Stiff and strong under foot and loose at the tips. I always imagined it like trying to tame a wild horse in Namibia, you just gotta let her buck!

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I've skied the orange/blue/white Darkside for several years now,I love the ski butfel the flat tail hangs up in windpacked snow & was wondering how this ski compared? Is the tail stiffer than the DS? Thanx!