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Gear Review

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This is my third pair of Rogue Racers. I am a fan of Montrail shoes, as I have been for years. They work really well with Montrail Integrafit insoles, unlike many other shoes. I had no problems adjusting to the 10 mm drop (heel/toe ratio). Although I am not a complete barefoot enthusiast, I do like the fact that these Montrails are more minimal that most of their other shoes. The one problem I do have with this trail shoe is the sole. I live in Alabama, where there is lots of mud, wet rocks, and slippery surfaces, and I do not think the sole performs the best in these conditions. I actually prefer these shoes on the roads, which is where they work well for me. Overall, the shoe has a great fit, is extremely comfortable, and is worth trying.

Kathy, Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team member